Beauty in the ordinary is what inspires and motivates me to create. I am inspired by what I see around me every day;
the accumulation of veneers over time, shapes and shadows, the effects of movement in space.
I explore my ideas by working in different layers and textures. The painting evolves as my imagination takes over and I mix reality with the impressions the subject has inspired in me.

Summer of Reflections  

Spending time on water on a boat and being mesmerised by the reflections on the water has captivated me many times. Masts of boats creating elusive patterns and designs. They are forever changing depending on the movement or stillness of the water, these elusive shapes. The kinetic energy below the surface defies the apparent emptiness we cannot always see this from the surface.

Long thin panels not only indicate the reflections of the masts in the marina but also the continuous movement and change of time. Going in a forward direction, the ebb and flow of tides. There is constant change and evolving occurring.